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Systems Biology

. Life Sciences

Systems Biology is a growing research field that aims at characterizing and understanding living organisms from the interaction among their building blocks, for instance the gene-gene interactions that dictate the animal body plan.

The research performed at UBICS within the field of Systems Biology uses mathematical and computational models of these blocks and interactions, and integrates methodologies from fields like dynamical systems and complex networks. This research includes important collaborations with wet laboratories and uses reported public data. The derived models, tools and approaches are applied to the comprehension of several aspects relating to living systems. A first aspect aims at the understanding of the patterning and growth processes that underlie the development of multicellular organisms. Such studies range from the embryonic animal development of vertebrates to plant growth. A second aspect focuses on the relationship between the large-scale architecture of the biological networks of interactions at different levels and their functionality.

Researchers involved in this line are: