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Ramón y Cajal program

The “Ramon y Cajal” contracts are funded by the Spanish Government and are addressed to professional researchers in possession of a PhD degree who have presented a line of research. The host institution identifies and defines the research strategies and gradually and progressively cofinances research.

Applicants must have obtained their PhD degree in the last 10 years and have carried research abroad for at least two years or have their PhD abroad at least two years before the call.

The established procedure for admittance to the institute demands that all candidates contact the research group that they would like to join at least most two months after the call deadline and before the list of selected candidates is published.


National Programme for the Promotion of Talent and Its Employability. National Sub-Programme for Incorporation  Ramón y Cajal (RYC) 2019

Application deadlines: 12/12/2019-14/01/2020

These grants are aimed at promoting the incorporation of national and foreign researchers with an outstanding career in R&D centers, by, on the one hand, the granting of aid for their employment, and, on the other hand, the granting of aid for the creation of permanent work posts for their subsequent incorporation into the agents of the Spanish Science, Technology and Innovation System beneficiaries of these aids.

The selection is based on a rigorous process of competitive competition of candidates based on their curricular merits and based on their ability to lead a line of research, based on scientific and professional experience as well as the independence of their career.

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