Almagro Blanco, Pedro #PDI

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Position Associate Professor - PhD. on Logic, Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence - Focus on Relational and Explainable Machine Learning

ResearcherID H-1874-2019


Associate Professor in the Universidad Central de Ecuador and Post-doc Researcher in the Universitat de Barcelona

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P. Almagro; F. Sancho. "Semantic Preserving Embeddings for Multi-Relational Graphs". Proceedings of the 2017 SAI Computing Conference (SAI). London, UK. ISBN (IEEE XPLORE): 978-1-5090-5443-5. ISBN (USB): 978-1-5090-5442-8. Pages 41-50.

P Almagro-Blanco, F Sancho-Caparrini. "Generalized Graph Pattern Matching". arXiv Cornell University Library. New York. USA. 2017. arXiv:1708.03734. English: 26 pages.