Sánchez Cobos, Agustín #PhD_candidate

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Position Professional Category PhD Student (FPI), University Universitat de Barcelona (UB), Department Departament de F�sica de la Mat�ria Condensada



Diverse Considerations for Successful Phylogenetic Tree Reconstruction: Impacts from Model Misspecification, Recombination, Homoplasy and Pattern Recognition

Mallo, D.; Sánchez-Cobos, A.; Arenas, M.

In Pattern Recognition in Computational Molecular Biology: Techniques and Approaches. Eds., Elloumi, M.; Zomaya A.Y. Wiley Series in Bioinformatics, Wiley. In press. (2015)

Maximum-Likelihood Phylogenetic Inference with Selection on Protein Folding Stability

Arenas, M.; Sánchez-Cobos, A. and Bastolla, U.

Molecular Biology and Evolution, 32(8):2195-2207. (2015)

Paper in preparation: “Cooperative Phenomena in the Mechanical Behavior of Filamentous Materials with Molecular Motors”.

Agustını Sánchez-Cobos and M. Carmen Miguel;

Department of Condensed Matter Physics, Universitat de Barcelona (UB)