Joanny, Jean-Fran├žois #Scientific_Advisory_Board

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Position Professor, Director General, ESPCI Paris



Professor, Director General, ESPCI Paris

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Topological defects in confined populations of spindle-shaped cells.

Guillaume Duclos, Christoph Erlenkamper, Jean-Francois Joanny, and Pascal Silberzan.

NATURE PHYSICS, 13(1):58-62, JAN 2017.

Equilibrium physics breakdown reveals the active nature of red blood cell flickering.

H. Turlier, D. A. Fedosov, B. Audoly, T. Auth, N. S. Gov, C. Sykes, J. F. Joanny, G. Gompper, and T. Betz.

NATURE PHYSICS,12(5):513+, MAY 2016.

Nonequilibrium statistical mechanics of mixtures of particles in contact with different thermostats.

A. Y. Grosberg and J-F. Joanny.

Phys Rev E Stat Nonlin Soft Matter Phys, 92(3-1):032118, Sep 2015.