Webinar by Alex Arenas

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UBICS products 2020/06/26

Date: 2 July, 16h (CET, GMT+2, Barcelona/Madrid/Paris/Berlin)

Speaker: Alex Arenas, DEIM, Universitat Rovira i Virgili‚Äč

Title:  “Epidemics and mobility”

Link to the video of the Webinar:


Reaction–diffusion processes have been widely used to study epidemics in networked metapopulations. In the context of epidemics, reaction processes are understood as contagions within each subpopulation (patch), while diffusion represents the mobility of individuals between patches. Recently, the characteristics of human mobility, such as its recurrent nature, have been proven crucial to understand the phase transition to endemic epidemic states. Here, we present a framework able to cope with the elementary epidemic processes, the spatial distribution of populations and the commuting mobility patterns. We will show after, how this framework has been adapted to describe the COVID-19 pandemic.