Seminari Prof. A. R. Bausch: Pattern formation in cytoskeletal and cellular systems

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UB people 2019/12/18

Seminar by Prof. A. R. Bausch [Lehrstuhl für Biophysik, TU München]

Date: 9 Gener, 15hrs

Place: Sala Eduard Fontserè, Edifici Física-Química

Title: Pattern formation in cytoskeletal and cellular systems

Abstract: Living cells rely on the self-organization mechanisms of cytoskeleton to adapt to their requirements. In processes such as cell division, or cellular motility rely on the controlled self-assembly and disassembly of well defined active cytoskeletal structures interacting with lipid membranes. One important and promising strategy to identify the underlying governing principles is to quantify the underlying physical processes in model systems mimicking functional units of living cell. Here I’ll present in vitro minimal model systems consisting of active microtubule and actin filament systems which show pattern formation resulting from active transport processes. I will discuss how small variations in local interactions results in nematic or polar patterns in high density motility essays. On the supra-cellular level I will discuss how collective motion of epithelial cells in 3D networks lead to a tension feedback mechanism, ultimately leading to the formation of higher order structures in human mammary gland organoids.