The UB offers an Early-Stage-Researcher (ESR) - PhD position

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grants 2019/12/13

The UB offers an Early-Stage-Researcher (ESR) position which allows the researcher to work towards a PhD.

Title: ESR4-ML and interactive 3D visualisation of temporal point clouds for predicting morphological changes.

Institution: UB, Barcelona, Spain;

Start Date: 2020

Advisors: M. Salamó, Anna Puig

Description: Learning models of temporal point clouds is at the core of geometric and geographical studies. Morphological changes are typically derived by calculating distances between points from different acquisitions. This thesis is at the crossroad of ML and 3D visualization, aiming at predicting temporal point clouds. We define a model for temporal point clouds based on shapes, topology, and sampled properties, and we will study different approaches to predict morphological changes. Usually, the interpretation of the properties and surface changes relies on a human, while gathering visual information contained in the data requires expertise by the user. To assist users,we analyse and study interactive visualization to improve the expert understanding and the performance of ML. Expected Results: ML models for predicting temporal point clouds and tools for assisting humans in visualizing surface changes when predicting rock falls. The software should help humans identify characteristics of geomorphological models.The project will take place at the Mathematics Dept of the University of Barcelona. Secondments will take place at ATHENA RC (Athens, Greece) and at industrial partner RISC-Software (Linz, Austria). This position is offered within the framework of GRAPES, which is part of the Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions —Innovative Training Networks (ITN) funding scheme.The ESR will be recruited within 2020 for a duration of 36 months.The ESR will have secondment visits (internships) to other members of the Network, including industrial partners. The planned secondments are listed below but may change as the individual projects evolve. ESR will also attend the Network meetings and Training events throughout Europe. A Career Development Plan will be established by the time of recruitment describing the scientific goals and methods, the secondments, any courses to be taken, and the personal, professional and career development of the ESR, and how it shall be achieved.


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