Seminar: Overview in Complex Systems Perspectives (by M.Choi, Seoul National University)

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UBICS people 2019/11/25

Date: Monday November 25th at 12:00h

Place: Aula Seminari 3.20, Dept. Física de la Matèria Condensada

Speaker: Prof. MooYoung Choi, Department of Physics and Astronomy,

Seoul National University

Title: Matter, Life, and Society: An Overview in Complex Systems Perspectives

Abstract: Every object we experience with our sensory organs is a many-particle system consisting of a large number of elements interacting with each other, and the collective behavior of the whole system emerges via cooperative phenomena due to the interactions. In nature, many-particle systems often exhibit so-called complexity at the boundary between order and disorder, and tend to have self-organized structure under the influence of the environment. From this viewpoint of the complex system, not only traditional matter but also life and society are complex systems composed of many elements; life or social phenomena can be interpreted as the collective properties emerging from the interactions between elements. In this overview, we will briefly examine the physical meaning of complex systems and introduce some studies of matter, life, and society in the complex systems perspectives. Instances include glucose regulation, neural networks, urban morphology, and transportation networks.