June 12th, 2017, Facultat de Física, Universitat de Barcelona


Taula 3: Programa del congrés fundacional
09:0009:30Arrival and registration
09:3010:00Opening and Welcome
10:0011:00Leticia Cugliandolo - Measuring effective temperatures in Generalized Gibbs Ensemble
11:0011:30Coffee Break
11:3012:30 Gustavo Deco - Novel concept of intrinsic ignition characterises the broadness of communication underlying different brain states.
12:3013:30 Susanna Manrubia - Multipartive viruses: adaptive trick or evolutionary treat?
13:3015:30Free time for lunch
15:3016:30 Jean-François Joanny - Physics of tissue monolayers
16:3017:30 Tom Brughmans - An overview of archaeological network science, illustrated through Roman economic networks and visual signalling networks
17:3019:00Poster Presentations and Coffee time
19:0020:00Free Time
20:0023:00Beer taste and dinner. At Fàbrica Moritz Barcelona. Ronda Sant Antoni 41, 08011 Barcelona

Invited Speakers