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Avalanches 2024, Finland (Helsinki)

Helsinki (Finland) 19/06/2023


The meeting is proposed to be organized in June, 2024 in Helsinki, the capital of Finland. The period is not without some interest due to the Northern sun and long days and it should be acceptable as it is in a teaching-light month for most countries. We have in a preliminary manner chosen the conference center of Hanasaari ( in a very beautiful location, and close to a) Helsinki city center, b) a metro station, and c) Aalto University. The site offers conference facilities, a hotel, and an excellent restaurant and is within easy access from the Helsinki airport. The invited speakers would be accommodated at Hanasaari, and the location makes it so that various options are available to other participants.

Our intention is to find a program that reflects the local organizers’ interest, novel developments, and suggestions from the Advisory Committee. We are going to be looking for local sources of funding, but we expect to be able to offer accommodation as usual for the invited speakers, plus local meals, and to offer a very reasonable participant package covering lunches and the conference dinner. If funds are raised to a sufficient degree, a few student grants covering local costs is not excluded.

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