UBICS boardgame afternoon


Getting back into the academic rhythm in January is hard and not always welcome. To help you procrastinate at work, we will organise the first UBICS boardgame afternoon! Friday 25 January at 3pm  in room 3.20 of the Physics department (coffee will be served).

We will play ‘FORVM: Trade Empires of Rome’, a game that combines network science and Roman history. It was made by Tom Brughmans, Iza Romanowska and Shawn Graham as an academic outreach activity for their archaeological research that draws heavily on network science.

The creators of the game will give a very short presentation of the academic agenda of the game. After that we can play the game in groups of four. And one lucky winner will walk home with a free copy of the game, courtesy of UBICS!

Find out more here: 

Check out our teaser video: 

And the unboxing video: 

Hope to see you there!

Tom, Luce, Albert