UBICS day 2018


UBICS (Universitat de Barcelona Institute of Complex Systems) celebrates its 2018 Day, with talks by the Institute researchers and networking activities.

To close the meeting there will be an open talk by Marta Recasens (Google Inc.)


All events will take place at the Facultat de Filologia Universitat de Barcelona.

Internal talks at Aula Gabriel Oliver.

Public talk at Aula Capella.


Start End Activity
09:30 10:00 Opening and Welcome
10:00 11:00


N. Balaguer: Percolation as a general protective mechanism

J. Guàrdia: El cervell és una xarxa

J. Ortín: Haines jumps in drainage/imbibition displacements involving a single pore 

11:00 11:30 Coffee Break @Claustre
11:30 12:30


M.A. Serrano: Mapping complexity: embedding networks in hidden metric spaces 

I. Pagonabarraga: Active matter:  intrinsically out of equilibrium complex systems 

J. Remesal: EPNet project. Production and Distribution of Food during the Roman Empire: Economic and Political Dynamics

12:30 13:30 Poster session @Claustre
13:30 15:00 Lunch 
15:00 16:00


M. Ibañes: On the cessation of cell elongation in plant roots

M. Montero: Modeling and Prediction of Human Behavior 

C. Boeckx: Complex Systems and Language Sciences

16:00 17:00



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17:00 17:30 Refreshment
18:00 19:30

Public Talk by Marta Recasens (Google Inc.) @Aula Capella

La semàntica de la intel·ligència artificial 

21:00 23:00

Dinner (please register for the dinner)

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Abstracts of the talks can be downloaded here